Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sick Day (I mean, Toddler Tuesday)

Aww...here's a picture of Little Man not feeling well.  In case you missed it, he has croup and has been sick for about a week now (it started with a regular cold) All he wanted to do was to sit on The Hubs or my lap.  all. day. long.  

Sometimes I found myself getting impatient and wanting to work on my blog, or clean the house, or work on a project.  I had to think to myself that there will soon be a time when my Little Man doesn't need to cuddle with me when he's not feeling well, and that I need to just appreciate the fact that I can provide at least some kind of comfort for him. But still, it was hard to sit there sometimes. 

I was very thankful The Hubs was here to help me during the weekend.  He did take over with Little Man so that I could cook or get some of the dishes done (what a nice guy, hehe).  But seriously, he was a big help.

List of Sick Necessities: 
1.  Mommy and Daddy approved Children's Movies:  You want something you can stand.  Because you'll be watching them a lot, too. 

2.  In and Out Hamburgers:  Because you wont be cooking. And they're yummy.

3.  Patience:  There will be lots of crying and whining from your little one.  It won't stop if you pick them up and hold them,  stand on your head, make funny faces, or play peak-a-boo. When your patience does run out: see number 4.

4.  A vacuum:  Because it's an effective way to drown out the sound of  the constant whining  and to work out your frustration at the same time.  A shower will also work in this situation.  Hey, don't judge, sometimes you just need a break.

5.  Popsicle:  Will help entertain your child while he's sitting down not playing all day.  

6.  Smoothies:  Little Man has never put up a fight over food.  Ever.  So the Hubs and I were quite flabbergasted when he did on Saturday.  He didn't want to eat his oatmeal but followed me around saying "more".  I made him a fruit smoothie and that certainly did the trick.  He ate the whole thing.  I think it helped his throat and was refreshing.  It will be my "go to" snack or meal replacement when he's sick and won't eat.

Well there you have it, our list of necessities for when your little one is sick.   I left the list at an awkward "6" and would like to make it a solid "10" - so leave comments if I left anything out! :D  

(This list is meant to be funny and only slightly serious)

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  1. Poor Little Man.
    Yes, patience is a big mommy lesson with a sick baby.
    I would add extra hugs and extra kisses to the list! :)