Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chocolate Avocado Mousse - Sweet Stuff Sunday!

Welcome to Sweet Stuff Sunday!  In case you missed it, I've decided to launch a few series to help get my blog rolling.  

Sweet Stuff Sunday will mostly feature "healthy" recipes I've seen and want to try.  It might just be a review of the recipe, or I might alter an existing recipe to make it a little more healthy.  

This week I made Dr. Oz's Chocolate Avocado Mousse.

You can find his full recipe on his website.  But basically the recipe is made with an avocado, bittersweet chocolate, light brown sugar, egg whites, cinnamon, and chili powder in it.  

I initially tried this recipe last year.  I don't remember where I heard about it, but I was obviously shocked by the avocado and chocolate combination.  Kinda sounded weird.  But, because I pride myself on being a risk taker when it comes to eating new foods,  I decided to try it.

Here's the breakdown of what I did.  Again, please click here to view the whole recipe.  

1.  Use a double boiler to melt the chocolate and spices together.
2.  Use a foodprocessor to combine the avocado and brownsugar until it's smooth.
3.  Whip eggwhites until they hold soft peaks.
4.  Add melted chocolate to the avocado and brown sugar mixture and mix until well combined.
5.  Fold the chocolate mixture into the egg whites until combined. 

The finished product was very good.  The Hubs and I liked it a lot.  It was a lot more dense than your typical mousse.  It wasn't as light and fluffy as I thought it would be.  This is probably because of the avocado.  

Speaking of avocado, you couldn't tell there was anything "weird" about this recipe.  If you have picky guests, or someone who is not into trying new things, you could definately "forget" to tell them this has avocado in it until they're done eating.  They would never suspect anything odd or unusual.

As far as taste goes:  this dessert is very rich.  Very. Rich. The Hubs and I split one of these today and we were definitely satisfied.  I'm a chocolate addict.....and I'm telling ya....It was rich. 

Unfortunately, I didn't have any chili powder on hand.  So I omitted it. That being said, it still turned out great. The cinnamon was a great addition to the recipe and I'm sure the chili powder would have only made it that much better. 

All in all, this is a recipe worth trying.  The Hubs and I really enjoyed it.  It's definitely something we would serve to guests.  

All in all, this dessert is still high in calories totaling to 471 per serving.  (I wrote "healthy" in quotations for a reason) This is more than I thought it would be until I considered the fact that it is made with avocados.  Avocados are high in healthy fats that are good for you as opposed to the non healthy fats in other mousses.  That being said...this is not a low calorie diner beware. 


  1. Holy delicious! This looks amazing!

    1. Thanks! It was very delicious. :D I'm tellin ya, the cinnamon made it yummy!

  2. oOOoooOoo.. sounds so yummy.. subscribing to your posts now! <3<3


  3. Thanks! I'm definitely going to subscribe to yours, too. You blog is awesome!