Thursday, January 12, 2012

Let the Series Begin!

In an effort to make my blog a little more organized and on track, I've decided to launch a few weekly series!  Woohoo!  In addition to the series I'll still be posting other stuff....but I just feel that these series will help me meet some of the goals I have for the blog. 

Here are some of the series I will be doing:

Toddler Time Tuesday:  Each week Little Man will be trying a new activiy.  Sometimes it will be arts and crafts, sometimes It'll be focusing on some specific sort of developmental skill, or sometimes it'll be just because it's fun! 

Bookworm Wednesday:  I'll post about new books Little Man is reading and tell ya' if we like 'em! 

Photog Friday:  Since one of my goals for this year is to get better at taking pictures I'll try to post new pictures every week in this section.  I'll also try to share any tips I learn on taking better pictures.

Sweet Stuff Sunday:   I lovvve me some sweet stuff!   Each week I'll post a new "healthy" dessert.  It might be a recipe review where I try making someone else's recipe, or a recipe makeover to make a loved (but really unhealthy) dessert just a little more healthy. 

So these are the series I'm starting off with!  Stay tuned because I have lots more ideas that I'll be rolling out soon!


  1. Great ideas! It makes it so much easier to come up with posts when you're stuck when you have series like these.

  2. Hi Kristin, Thanks for liking my ideas! You're right, it's a LOT easier to come up with posts when you have a series. :D Your 30 Something and Fabulous blog is very pretty! I'm going to enjoy checking it out :D