Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy (Chinese) New Year!

Today was a very productive and busy day.  Infact, I was quite pleased with all the hard work I did today.  I thought to myself "this is a nice way to start the week". 

I woke up, made us breakfast, did some dishes, made some dough for homemade English muffins, washed our sheets, made breakfast sammies for The Hubs, lifted weights, took a shower, did more dishes, and washed some diapers. 

All was going well until I talked to my friend on the phone.....she informed me that since today was Chinese New Years and I wasn't suppost to do housework today!  What!!?!  Why wern't the housewives of the world alerted?!?

So I looked it up, and sure enough:  No housework. 

Apparently the major offender for this one is making sure you don't sweep the house and carry trash through the front door.  Luckily for me, my floors remained dirty and my trashcans are still full. 

Some of the other "rules" include:
-  Not to wash your hair, which I already did.  oops!  I was planning on giving Little Man a bath tonight, but I guess I'll skip it.  It's believed that washing your hair will wash all the good luck off of you for the coming year.  dag-nabit! I don't want to wash the luck off Little Man.  

 - Don't curse: Bad language is a sign of bad luck. (I probably did curse today.  sometimes I have a potty mouth)

-  No Crying

-  Your appearance and attitude can set the tone for the rest of the year (I was in sweats and a t-shirt, although I do feel really upbeat and positive today) 

-  Don't use sharp objects today.  (I was planning to make hair-bows today)

Soo...for those of you who didn't clean your house, wash your hair, take out the trash or sweep your floors.....I hope you have lots of luck for this "new year".

For the rest of us: the next Chinese New Year is on February 10th, 2013.   I don't know 'bout you ladies, but I'm scheduling that day off! 


  1. Thanks for sharing all of this because I honestly didn't know any of these things! Which is quite funny because I ended up following it rather well! Do scissors count as a sharp object if the tips are rounded? That would be the only one! Here I though my day had gone to heck when in reality it was meant to be! =D 1. I didn't wash my hair because I wanted to curl it for a style post 2. Not a big curser 3. Not a big crier 4. Got super dolled up for the style post 5. Not sure about this one 6. Didn't get anything done because I was pouting that the sudden storm ruined my photos! haha Perfect! Great post Love sorry for the novel!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    1. Thanks a bunch! Too bad the storm ruined your pictures! Especially since you got dressed up for it! That's really a bummer.