Sunday, January 29, 2012

Banana Ice Cream

Happy Sweet Sunday!

Poor Little Man has been sick with croup all weekend long.  Today has been really bad as he really hasn't stopped crying/whining all day long. 

I'm working on creating my own Red Velvet Cupcake recipe made with coconut flour, agave nectar and much more.  I have just a couple more tweaks to make so hopefully it'll be ready for next week!  I'm really excited about sharing it!

Since we've had a long week (Little Man started getting sick on Tuesday)  I've decided to share a super simple healthy recipe for this weeks Sweet Stuff Sunday! 

Banana Ice Cream!

Ingredients:  Ripe Bananas

Directions:  peel and cut a banana into slices and freeze for at least one hour.  Put the banana into a food processor and pulse until it's creamy.  Be prepared: the banana will make your food processor bounce around, so hold it tight! 

Serve it in any pretty glass and enjoy! If  you want to put something extra on it, feel free to top it with chocolate syrup, sprinkles, or chocolate chips (like we did!)

This recipe is an awesome substitute if you're craving ice cream but don't want the calories.  It's also great for kids at home with sore throats.  The cool ice cream will be really soothing.  Little Man is getting this for dessert tonight!

I found this recipe in the forums of the Eat Clean Diet website .  

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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