Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goodbye 2011

Thank you, 2011, for being a great year to my family and me.  We created tons of memories that I hope, hope, hope, I never forget.

In 2011 I.....

-  Heard the sound of Little Man's baby laugh
-  Experienced Little Man's first words, first steps, first foods, first teeth, first ouchie, first birthday.
-  learned how tired a new mommy can be
-  learned how hard it is to start running again (lesson: don't ever stop running)
-  I learned how to can salsa and apple butter
-  Got Bangs
-  learned how to coupon
-  learned how to better manage a house
-  Made Little Man's baby food
-  Started a blog
-  joined a book club (then stopped going, but at least I started)
-  got The Hubs to run with me.
-  read Little Man lots, and lots of books.
-  took a mini vacation where The Hubs and I got to spend some good time together. 

Here is what our year looked like:

January:  Took Little Man to the Natural History Museum.  We watched a 3-D movie about dinosaurs.  He loved it.  My sister came with us and had to listen to an overtired Little Man screaming in the backseat of the car the whole way home.  In traffic.  During the pouring rain.  

February:  Happy Valentines Day, Little Man!  These are pretty flowers (they have since passed....I blame my black thumb)  The Hubs gave me.  We had a fun time staying in.  We made a really fancy, smancy dinner for just the two of us.  It tooks us forever, but is the best Valentines Day's I've ever had.

March:  Must have been a blur.  I didn't take many pictures.  I did start making his baby food.  That must have been where I was.  In the kitchen.

April:  Little Man's first Easter.  I just love this picture of The Hubs and Little Man.

May:  The first time The Hubs and I took Little Man to the park.  He loved it.  Can you tell?

June:  Little Man's first visit to the ocean!  We couldn't believe how much he loved the water.  Made us really excited for swimming lessons!

July:  The first time Little Man was in a big pool.  Mommy's little fishy!

August:  Little Man's first birthday!  We had a party for him, and then my parents and sister, and The Hubs parents rented a beach cottage on the ocean and had a fun at the beach.  It was a great way to celebrate Little Man's first year! 

September:  Little Man's first haircut.  I wish he was this well behaved during his second haircut. 

October:  There were so  many pictures to choose from in October!  We went to an Apple Orchard, two pumpkin patches, the Safari Park, my parents visited with us, Little Man's cousin was born.  I love this picture of Little Man.  He was a Little Cowboy for Halloween.  

November:  Again, a lot of pictures to choose from.  He just looks so handsome in this picture
December:  Little Man with his little shiner! I don't think that was on his Christmas List!

It's amazing to see how much Little Man grew!  The Hubs and I just can't get enough of him!  Here's to a great new year!


  1. Love all the pictures of little man! He is so cute! March was a blur for me too! Not alot of pictures of my little dude. Must have been trying to catch up on sleep verses taking pictures! ;)

  2. I'm sure it's very common! :D We just do what we can! :D