Friday, January 6, 2012

Bubbles, Bubbles

Book:  Sesame Beginnings Bubbles, Bubbles board book (Sesame beginnings)
By:  Sesame Street

Why we like it:  Because Little Man learned how to say "bubble" and we get to go outside and play with bubbles when we read it!  wooohoo!  Another awesome thing about this book:  It was $1.00 at Target!  Can't beat that.  We found it in the dollar bins at the front of the store, but if you have a hard time finding it there, you can purchase it though Amazon (although it is more expensive).

Little Man is a huge fan of books.  This is one he brings to me often.  The book talks about bubbles on noses, and toes, rhymes, and adds a little "one-two-three!" to the mix.  Add some real bubbles  and we're talkin' some major fun!  This would be a fun activity outside or in the bathtub.  Little Man will also pick this book up and read it to himself, too. 

Little Man reading his book.  He looks serious - but he's having fun!

(Note: The link in this post is my referral link.  I was not compensated to review this product.  I posted about this book because we honestly love it.)

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