Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Big Rocks

I recently started up at the gym last week.  I went onto Money Saving Mom's website to download her (awesome) schedules so that I can work the gym into my day to day routine easier.   

I happened to notice she had a new series she was writing about developing a routine. What luck!

I expected a "how to get the most done in a single day that you possibly can" type of post.  I stand very corrected.

She writes that when thinking about your routine, start with "the big rocks".  That is, consider what will matter to you most 25 years from now.  

Not what I was expectingWhen I think of routines, I think of my day to day "to do" list; the day to day grind.  The "big picture" never really occurred to me.  I mean, sure, it does, but not when I'm making my day to day to-do list. 

She writes "Develop your daily routine with the big rocks in mind. You’ll likely be able to find time for some pebbles and sand, too, but begin with what matters most."  

Makes sense to me.  I feel it's really easy to get caught up in the "fillers" of life that really don't make much of a difference in the days, weeks, or years to come.  It comes down to the priorities in your life. 

Here's mine:
1. Spending quality time with my husband and son.
2. Preparing healthy meals for us.
3. Work on my physical fitness.
4. Work on my creativity. 

5.  Spending quality time with family and friends.
It seems like if I put my emphasis on these things now, our future as a family well be tremendously better for it.

 My "big rocks" may change slightly in the future.  I'll probably end up going back to work at some point, so I'm sure a career will be in here one of these days.  But right now these are my "big rocks".  Right now I'm focused on setting our family up to have long and healthy lives together.  

Although my current focus on my blog is my family, I'm going to make it a little more specific and and focus on my "big rocks" (I like writing that hehe)

What are your big rocks?

(I don't mean to high-jack Crystal's post nor take any sort of credit for it.  I hope people do not feel I'm "leaching" off her post.  It really inspired me to evaluate my own priorities and long term goals.  Please read Crystal's Money Saving Mom Blog for the rest of the series and for more information)

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  1. I don't think you are high-jacking Crystal's post. She always wants to encourage us as readers to enjoy life and have our priorities in order. :) So I'm very thankful that you posted this!!!
    This particular post was encouraging for me. I want to keep that in mind when making decisions, "what will matter in 25 years?" A clean house or time with my little buddy. Although, an organized and clean house makes life great, its the heart matters that are most important!
    My big rocks are: God, husband, son, family, friends and then my blog. Its not always easy to keep your priorities in order but, "what really matters in 25 years" keeps you thinking what should come first! :) Great post Deanna!