Sunday, March 4, 2012

Chocolate Souffles

Happy Sunday!

I apologize for getting these Sunday dessert posts out so late. I need to get it together!

Anyhow....our Sunday dessert for this week: Mini Chocolate Souffles.  The recipe comes from Oxygen Magazine. 

The recipe calls for: unsweetened cocoa, white wheat flour, low-fat milk, honey, vanilla extract, egg whites and cream of tarter.

I had to slightly alter the recipe because I didn't buy low-fat milk last week.  My options were Little Man's whole milk, or almond milk.  Since using the whole milk kind of defeats the purpose of a healthy dessert, I opted for the almond milk.  I also didn't have white wheat flour on hand, and I didn't want to buy any since the recipe called for a tablespoon and a half.  I used regular whole wheat flour instead. 

This recipe was really easy to make (see the recipe for full details)

Unfortunately ours really didn't come out very well.  They had a very nice rise to them, but they were really under cooked.  I even cooked the second batch at a higher temperature and for longer.  It still tasted yummy, but it was definatly under done.  I'm wondering if this has to do with the almond milk instead of the regular milk.  I've never cooked with almond milk before, so I have no idea.  The Hubs and I still devoured them :D

The recipe got really good reviews on the website , so it might just be the way I made them.  

I guess the lesson of the day is that sometimes it's okay to swap ingredients, and sometimes you just shouldn't. 

If anyone else tries this recipe and it comes out right, let me know.  I'll probably try it again with regular milk just to see if that makes the difference.  I'll let you all know when I try it again. 

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