Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Toddler Time - Coloring

We had a blast working on yesterday's "green themed" lesson plan!  We didn't read "Meet Mr. and Mrs. Green" because it ended up being a bigger kid book.  It looks like a cute one though!

Little Man had a blast watching mommy and daddy jump around like frogs saying "ribbit, ribbit!"  He didn't try to jump on his own yet, but I showed him how to at least move his hands like he was jumping and said "ribbit" and he would laugh. 

The Hubs showing Little Man how to jump like a frog!
He also enjoyed coloring the frog.  I need to get him some fat crayons so he can hold them in his hand a little easier (Easter basket idea!), but he still did a great job.  He liked using the markers to color his hands.  We talked about the frog while we were coloring our printouts.  (I was coloring a frog, too)

He definately enjoyed coloring:  We're going to have to be sure to add it into our lessons more often.

Here are some additional free printable coloring pages that have to do with the upcoming St. Patrick's Day celebration:
Leprechaun and pot of gold 
"Happy St. Patrick's Day" and Shamrock
Pot of Gold


  1. So cute!! I love the printables. I was so excited about them and then I forgot my printer doesn't work! I'll take this as my chance to freehand a pot of gold and a rainbow. LOL Thanks for sharing!

    1. great idea for just drawing your own! I know your Little Buddy will still have a fun time with it! :D