Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Daddy's Home!

Hi All!
The book we're reading this week is Daddy's Home! by Rosanne Parry.  We got this book as a gift from The Hub's parents.  Little Man loves it!

It's a cute little story about a boy who is excited to see his daddy when he comes home for work.  The excitement and joy the boy in the book feels when he sees his daddy is definitely how excited and happy Little Man is to see The Hubs.  It's soo exciting to see Little Man's face light up with The Hubs comes home!  Last night Little Man didn't want to go to bed because he was soo happy to see The Hubs!  When I put him on his changing table he was squirming all around because he wanted to play with daddy. 

The book is also cute because it outlines the day's events:  Mom gets a phone call from dad that he's on his way home, the boy washes up, daddy helps the boy take a bath, they read a story together, etc.  Little Man dosen't usually have a hard time going to sleep (thankfully) but if he does when he gets older, this book will be great because it outlines the evening routine of getting ready for bed.

We didn't get any pictures of Little Man reading this book today :(  The first time we read it he sat very patiently in my lap and we looked at the pictures and read the book.  After that he decided to throw a little tantrum for no other reason than because he is quickly (gasp!) approaching two years old.  hehe  I hope we don't see too much "terrible two" behavior!  

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