Saturday, February 25, 2012

Busy, Busy

Yesterday we had tons of fun!  Little Man and I went to the gym.  He gets spoiled by the girls in the daycare center:  Every time I walk in there he's being held like a baby!  hahah  After the gym we went to the dollar store, and the library.  When we came home The Hubs was home and Little Man lovesss hanging out with daddy! 

Later that evening we took Little Man out for some frozen yogurt.  This was his first time eating it, and of course he loved it!  While we were there a little girl walked by and said "he's cute" pointing to Little Man.  He also got to play with a little dog, which he was crazy about.  We ended up having to change his shirt because he made such a mess with the yogurt.  But that's okay!

After the frozen yogurt treat we went to the park.  The Hubs and I were surprised at how fast he took off running towards the playground equipment. 

The playground has one piece of equipment that has a hole cut through the middle so you can climb up and down the ladder.  The Hubs and Little Man were playing on the upper portion of it and I decided to surprise Little Man by peaking my head up through the bottom where the ladder was.  Little Man was soo surprised and excited to see me there he squealed with delight and moved his hands up and down.  It was soo cute!  The hubs agreed it was the most excited he's ever seen Little Man.  Too sweet!

After the park we went to our neighbors house for a bit then came home and fed Little Man some dinner.  I got on a cleaning rampage (awesome!) while The Hubs played with Little Man.  The Hubs and I made dinner together:  Ellie Krieger's Chicken with Jerk Sauce and Cool Pineapple Salsa. 

If you're looking for a great, healthy, flavorful meal, try it.  The only difference we did was substituting the mint in the salsa for cilantro and we added the habanero pepper to both the salsa and the chicken.  Super yummy! 

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