Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Water Fun!

The weather has been crazy these past couple of weeks.   Just last week we had thunder and rain, and today it was very warm and nice out!  We took advantage of the beautiful weather and went outside to play with the water!

I love how he looks so serious when he's playing! :D

We brought out the dish-washing pan, a measuring cup, a little watering can, and a little sand sifter for Little Man to play in the water.  He found a rock and added it to the water, too. 

I added an ice cube I colored blue with food coloring to the water.  He had a blast trying to pick it up out of the water because it was slippery.  He watched while it melted away. 

He had soo much fun he cried when we had to back inside the house for dinner.  He was easily consoled with a plate of warm spaghetti. 

I think we'll bring out the kiddy pool soon. :D


  1. What a great idea to add colored ice cubes to the water. Simple science for a toddler. I love that you started with basics and let him add other things to the water that he wanted to. He will definitely get excited next time you get this activity out for him.