Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Monday

  I haven't posted in awhile do to some scheduling changes in our week and getting ready for Easter.  It's amazing how adding something different or changing your routine can completely throw off your week until you get back in the flow of things.  Here's to next week and being more productive! :D

We had a great Easter weekend!  Saturday The Hubs and I took Little Man to an Easter Egg hunt at our local park.  Little Man was a little overwhelmed with all the people, but he still had a great time finding Easter Eggs.

See..I told you there were a lot of people!
Aren't they cute with matching shirts?
For Easter Sunday we had some of our friends over to celebrate.  Tabitha and her family came over, as well as our friend Amanda.  Little Man and his Little Buddy had a great time "hunting" (or sitting on the grass eating the candy out of the eggs!) for Easter Eggs in the front yard before brunch.

I wish I had taken pictures of Little Man's Easter basket.  I had a blast putting it together.  I even made him homemade chocolate covered marshmallows!  By the time I thought about it Little Man had already ripped through the basket.  I suppose I could put it back together for a picture, but that would require effort ;) 

Hope all of you had a great Easter!  I'm looking forward to this week!  I'm working on a new lesson plan, we're having a girls day in where we're going to work on a crafty project, and I'll share how I made homemade marshmallows.  Stay tuned!

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