Sunday, April 22, 2012

Girls Night In

Happy Sunday!  I wanted to drop by and share a couple pictures I took from a recent "girls night in" gathering we had at our friend's house.  We spent the evening hanging out and making coasters after eating a yummy dinner!    It was a great toddler-free evening just with the girls. 

The girls making coasters!
I made coasters for our room since we usually keep a glass of water besides our bed.  The Hub's coaster matches our room, but mine totally doesn't.  :D  This is a great, inexpensive gift idea!

All you need is:
-  Tiles
-  Scrapbook Paper
-  Cork (we bought the rolled up sheet)
-  Mod Podge
-  Glue gun
-  Scissors
-  Paintbrush
-  Polycrylic

1.  Trace or measure the scrapbook paper to fit your tile. 
2.  Spread mod podge onto the tile and lay your scrapbook paper onto it being careful to smooth out bubbles.
 3.  Trace or measure cork so that it's slightly smaller than your tile. 
4.  Use your hot glue gun to spread glue to the back of your tile.  Carefully lay your cork onto the tile.
 5.  Apply about three coats of mod podge onto the scrapbook paper, letting it dry between each coat. 
6. Apply two-three coats Polycrylic to help further seal the paper on the tiles.

Hope you enjoyed!  I think Mod Podge might possibly be the best invention ever!

What else can I put Mod Podge on?  Have an idea?  Put a link to your blog below!

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