Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jillian Michael's Fudge Brownies

I'm a sucker for anything chocolate and I love me some brownies!  I decided to try Jillian Michael's Fudge Brownies. 

You can find her recipe here if you'd like to try it, too. 

These brownies were good, but not the best "healthy" brownies out there.  My favorite "healthy" brownies are the Double Chocolate Walnut Brownies from Elana's Pantry

While Jillian Micheal's brownies are good, the honey flavor in it is definitely very noticeable in the finished brownie.  I even used a clover honey like she recommend in her recipe.  I like really chocolatey brownies, and these didn't quite hit that mark. 

A couple of positives: they were really moist (which I love) and the ingredients call for items you probably have on hand.  For these reasons I would make them again, but probably not for company. 

Do you have any "healthy" brownie recipes that are yummy?  Share them in the comment section below!

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  1. The last brownies I made was this recipe
    They were yummy but even better on day 2!