Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's the Simple Things.....

Little Man and Grandma

On Christmas Eve we decided to take Little Man to a park.  Although we've taken him to parks before, this was the first time he was able to really walk by himself.  He had a great time walking around the whole park and then found himself a giant pile of leaves to play in.  I doubt he and I would have even noticed the giant pile had my dad not stood at the top of it.  Liam was trying to walk up to see my dad when he literally got stuck in leaves.  So, he plopped down and started playing.  He was soo interested in the sound, and the texture of them.  I've shown him leaves before - but he's never had handfuls and handfuls at his disposal.  He was having soo much fun he could have sat there for hours - and we could have watched him play for hours. 

All you need for this activiy:
1.  Giant Pile of Leaves (a small pile would work great, too hehe)
2.  Change of Clothes (We didn't change him right after the park, just when we got home.  I didn't want leaves in his crib hehe)

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